What Kind of News Odisha People Mostly Love?

The Republic of India is much known for its mixed culture. However, unity in diversity is its true identity. Odisha, one of its 29 states, is no exception when it is talked on language and culture.  Odia is the official language and the culture is associated with Lord Jagannath who sits in the heart of every Odia. As far as knowledge is concerned, the state is not so backward as compared to the other states. The curious minds opt for internet to quench their thirst. There are certain categories of news that are searched frequently by these people. However, the choice of Odias is a bit different. Just read out the kind of Odia News that draws more attention in the following paragraphs.  

Recruitment: Youths are worried about their future owing to job crunch. Thus, they are randomly google according to their qualification. Then the corresponding search engine shows them various job portals related to their searches. Finally, it is concluded that most searches are done particularly on recruitment. As young ones mostly use the internet, their preferred domain ‘recruitment’ beats the other Odia news in the run.

Politics: State as well as national level politics news in Odia comes next. The most searches come from the people of middle aged group. Though they are not highly tech savvy, they keep interest in building nation. As the lawmakers rule the country, people evince deep interest in following them. Whenever, they are labelled with any allegations, being crazy the whole media run after them. Though internet searches on politics grab the second spot among Odia people, the politicians are not adored by the people truly.

Sports: Cricket is a clear-cut leading game in India. Its impacts can be felt at every tea stall, bus stop or any other mass gathering. Some people insist that cricket is their religion and it unites the nation in one passion. So, people often search on sports news not necessarily only on cricket. However, the difference becomes wider during cricket matches. The searches are made on Ind vs “the opponent” or live cricket match like this.

Entertainment: The attraction of reel life always be there irrespective of region. The Odias keep interest on both Ollywood (their state film industry) and Bollywood (Hindi film industry) news. This does not mean that they are not viewing Hollywood news. But the percentage is low. They take on internet to know the entertainment news related on upcoming movie in the year or of any celebrities, gross income of a movie, trailer of the movies, etc.

When people surf internet for any kind of information, search engines suggest them useful sources. And the most known source definitely get more clicks. In Odisha, for any kind of news be it political, sports, business, entertainment, or any other stuffs in Odia language, Mo Odisha is a popular portal. You can check it out right away.


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